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Hello World !

Welcome to the homepage of my Github/GoogleCode sources code repositories.

I use GitHub and GoogleCode to share my technology watch.

Each repository use Git to manage source code and each of them have a dedicated philosophy of use:

  • GoogleCode : Used to share all technologies exploration project type. Exploration means here that each project is dedicated to the discovering of a target technology using a full documented examples. Each project can be used to discover main features of the technology or as template to quick start a project using the technology.
  • GitHub : Used to share application project type. Application project means here that each project implements an application and provide a binary artefact like an executable, a library and so on.

All the projects (GoogleCode + Github) are fully free and open source, use them as you want ^__^

My unique goal is to share my work with the community like the community share with me and help me to grow every day....

Personal projects

.:Hibernate Validator Security Contribs:.

Provide a set of content-checking constraint annotations, focused on security, using the JSR303 RI Hibernate Validation.

Artefacts are also published into Maven Central Repository.
Big thanks to Sonatype for this feature...

.:Android application to fuzz WIFI AP:.

This project is a POC trying to find vulnerabilites into WIFI access point (AP).

.:Docker image for web application security scanning:.

Docker build file creating a image of a box containing web application security scanners.

.:OWASP Wiki Contribs:.

Articles created:

.:IT Security Magazines articles:.

Article created for HAKIN9 and its associated magazines: